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In The UK?

Under the ECO 4 government scheme in order to qualify for a free boiler you must be a home owner living in UK and claiming income related benefits.

Is Your Boiler 15+ Years Old?

The government ECO scheme replaces old inefficient boilers with modern efficient boilers to reduce household cost and carbon footprints.

Do You Receive Benefits?

To be eligible for a new free boiler under the government ECO scheme you must be a homeowner receiving income related benefits.

How Do I Qualify For Government ECO Funding?

Homeowner Landlord
homeowners grant
Living in UK property
Boiler 15+ years old
Claiming income related benefits
Mains gas supply
landlords grant
Boiler grants are now only available for home owners, in properties with mains gas. Private tenants/landlords can no longer apply for a new boiler grant.

To qualify you must be a homeowner and can be anywhere within the United Kingdom, additionally you must be claiming one or more of the listed benefits to be entitled to a free replacement boiler grant under the government ECO3 funding scheme.

To qualify for a free boiler there is a criteria that must be met which is based upon several factors that determine your property LTS score. Main factors taken into account are property size and wall type. Properties with a low LTS score may still qualify if the applicant is eligible however a contribution may be required.

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What Income Related Benefits Are Eligible?

The homeowners boiler scheme was introduced to allow qualifying applicants across the United Kingdom to reduce their annual heating bills and carbon footprints by providing them with more ECO efficient heating for their homes.

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Even if you do not meet the listed criteria above it may still be worth applying as the criteria could change and your application will already be with us.

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To learn more please about this scheme please visit the GOV.UK website. You can read more about what the energy company’s obligations provides for Free boiler funding.


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